How are you feeling? How many times have we been asked that question? How many times have we asked it? How many times have we given or received an authentic answer? Most say, I’m good, great, and that’s also what we expect to hear in return. What if we really tuned in and named our “true emotion?”

When you can understand and name your emotions, something magical happens. The mere fact of acknowledgment creates the ability to shift. When we don’t have the words for our feelings, we’re not just lacking descriptive flourish. We’re lacking authorship of our own lives….taken from Permission to Feel from Dr. Mark Brackett.

Not saying you have to really have to share your true emotions, but it is important to really explore in any given time, especially when you are struggling, what emotion you are truly experiencing?

How are you feeling today?

If you are having troubles identifying your true emotions or have someone you care about that may need some assistance, please feel free to pass on my #, (414) 881-7401, or my web page.