I know we are in some trying times and many are hurting financially, and otherwise, including myself.

Here is a short story of not giving and giving up from a friend of mine Max Bollkman Zuleta of Art Below Zero Ice Sculptures.

I hope it inspires you to keep moving forward, I know his words move me forward..

Thank you Max Bollkman Zuleta for sharing this:  The word of the season for every business owner is “pivot”. Since ice sculpting is pretty much in a halt for who knows how long, I’ll need to keep my business and family afloat, well, it turns out it’s very difficult to learn a new sculpting technique in a new material but for &$@& sakes I have survived civil wars, flying bullets over my head, drug cartels, corrupted police, politicians and military and I swear this fucking virus is not going to take me out of business, I should have opened a steakhouse though, we as small businesses are pretty much on our own, I have never collected unployment and is not in my plans.