While staying in contact with friends and loved ones is important, asking “how are you?” can seem habitual. It’s is a perfectly normal way to begin a conversation or meeting and understood as a polite way to express concern, to which “I’m fine” or “Good” are socially acceptable responses. But is “how are you?” really an honest question that solicits an honest response (especially during a pandemic)?

Next time you’re checking in, try using one of these questions instead.

🔉 Have you been sleeping ok?
🔉 How are you taking care of yourself today?
🔉 Checking in on you! I’m here if you need me.
🔉 What habit have you started or stopped recently?
🔉 How have you managed stress?
🔉 How can I support you today?
🔉 Is there anything you need to want to talk about?