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Q & A With Scott

Q:  What is your educational background and experience that lead you to the counseling field?

A: My formal education is from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  I have a M.S.-Educational Psychology and a B.S.-Community Education & Community Policies.  My informal experience, hmm…some of this unfortunately I learned at home through my parents.  Also, I had my share of interesting experience in my personal life, which lead up to me doing some serious work on myself in the late 1980’s.  I’ve been in the helping field, since then.

Q:  Anything else, you would like to share about yourself?

A:  Yes, I’m a lifelong resident of Milwaukee and I always say I have a vested interest in Milwaukee. I love Milwaukee and all that it has to offer.  I also love the people in Milwaukee and feel that if I can make a difference in someone’s life, I may help them to create a different legacy for their family and the community.

Q:  There are quite a few Therapy/Counseling Agencies in Milwaukee, what makes Always A Better You, different?

A:  Great question.  I plan on doing a few things differently if the area is ready.  I have owned a few other businesses and I’ve always been about service to Always A Better You.  Here are some things I hope to do differently:
  • First I plan on calling those who see me customers rather than clients.   Formally, when I follow-up with referral sources, they may be referred as clients, but to me everyone who contacts me is my customer who just may happen to have an issue they want to address.
  • I make it easier for my customers to work with me.  They can schedule an appointment right on line.  They can call, email, or text me.  In addition, they can print out the forms needed for their first appointment.  Most people dislike getting to an appointment, then having to fill-out paperwork so I've put the paperwork online.
  • Speaking of easy, I will work with my customers in person in their homes.  That’s right:  I will be making “House Calls!!”  In addition, phone counseling will be available, and I’m working on Skype possibilities, and doing a live Q & A.
  •  My site will offer a variety of links to useful resources as well as awesome books, so my customers can find a lot of answers all in one place.
  • I will be accepting Credit Cards, Cash and Checks, for those that don’t have insurance or wish to work on a cash basis.
  • Most people dislike it when a therapist/doctor/lawyer speaks in their “own language.”  My customers will get straight answers, which are clear and understandable.  No Mumbo Jumbo Spoken Here!!
  • The Best Cancellation Policy In The Area.  In most cases, if you cancel in less than 24 hours, you have to pay.  If I cancel on one of my customers and give them less than 24 hours notice, then they can choose to have me reimburse them or get a Complimentary Session.   

Q: Wow, you are really doing things differently!

  Yes, I want my customers to know that I’m here to help them, and the more I offer, everyone wins!!

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